Don't sweat the small things.

When you need help with tech give us a call.


​​No budget is too small to Succeed.

Who said computers have to be expensive?  Who said they have to be replaced every three years?  ​Who said they are on a budget?  Did you say me, to all three.  Well on the last on we all probably need to be.  Whatever budget you have you can still fit current technology into your budget.  Give us a call and let us fit your needs into your budget.  ​No budget is too small plan to succeed.

Upfront Honesty

Whether you bring your computer to us, or we come to you to get you back up and running, we will be upfront and professional. In some cases upgrades or repairs can be more expensive than buying a new computer and if that is the case we will let you know before getting too involved with your old computer.

Restoring Productivity

or most systems that have been slowed down with viruses and/or spyware we can get them cleaned up. We can remove the issues that have been slowing down your system and halting your productivity or fun.

Being there for you .

We are here to make the next tech thing, an easy for you.


Mobile device repair

Desktops (Yes, they sill exist), laptops, tablets, cell phones and more to come.

Troubleshooting and repair

Personal, business and church computing evice troubleshooting and repair.

Upgrades are always good !

Hardware and software upgrades can make it faster for longer.

Maximize your investments.

Internet security

Virus, malware, scareware and spyware detection and removal.

It is all scarey but you can fight and prevent them.


Personal, business or church  networking (including the planning, implementation and maintenance).


Personal, business and church solutions for your needs.

How to

How to session are in the works based on a per need bases (Coming in 2019).

Other issues

But not limited only these ... based on need.


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